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We've searched the world

to bring it to you.

Nearly 30 MILLION Americans are suffering from a dysfunctional immune system that is taking their quality of life, or in some cases... their life itself. 

WHAT IS SeaCare?


SeaCare is a dietary supplement comprised of extracts from Sea Cucumbers, Sea Urchins and Marine Grasses. The active ingredients from each component are meticulously extracted so you are only getting the  best of the best. No fillers. 

                                        125 500mg Sea Cucumber Pills

One dose of SeaCare  =   45  450mg Sargassum (Marine Grass) Pills

                                          14  Sea Urchins


The ingredients in SeaCare have been researched world-wide, and have proven what we have known for decades - these ingredients have an outstanding potential to benefit the immune system and improve one's quality of life. 

Sea Cucumbers have been researched extensively have have shown to have an immuno-modulatory benefit as well as causing apoptosis - programmed cell death. 

By maintaining a properly functioning immune system, your body is able to sustain a balance - keeping you healthy. 


All of the ingredients of SeaCare are harvested from the tropical waters of the South Pacific Ocean. We are the ONLY licensed harvester in the area, and we are responsible for the preservation and health of our supply of ingredients. 

As an all-natural supplement packaged in an FDA approved facility, SeaCare is a 100% non-toxic and non-invasive with no known side effects.  


There are hundreds, if not thousands of products that claim to boost your immune system. So what makes us different?


The difference with SeaCare is that we modulate the immune system - making it run at the optimal level - so whether you need a booster or a suppressant, SeaCare works with your body to return your natural defense system to its perfect level of function.

In addition to being one of the rare natural immune modulators available, SeaCare has a unique combination of ingredients, comprised of Sea Cucumbers, Sea Urchin and Marine Grasses. Each of these ingredients have been extensively researched for their individual health benefits, and were chosen to work in in harmony with each other to benefit the immune system.

Beyond that, there are 3 other major differences that make SeaCare stand head and shoulders above the rest. 



As mentioned before, our supplement contains only extracts of the active ingredients from each of the sources. 

Many other Sea Cucumber supplement companies tout their pills, containing 100% sea cucumbers. The problem is, though, that sea cucumbers themselves aren't the source of the benefits - it's their stomach lining. But other manufacturers take the entire sea cucumber, dehydrate it (removing nutrients), and put it into a pill - giving you all their fillers.

We don't do that. We only give you the active ingredients. Each dose of SeaCare only contains the extracts from the the Sea Cucumber's stomach, giving you a highly potent dose of active ingredients. 

So much of a higher dose, in fact, that it would take 120 pills of the leading sea cucumber supplement brand to equal the active ingredients in 1 dose of SeaCare.



Harvested in the South Pacific Ocean, our Sea Cucumbers are known as the best in the world. So much so that foreign countries have tried to poach our waters for our Sea Cucumbers, which has lead the government to name us as the ONLY licensed harvester of Sea Cucumbers in the entire country for the last 20 years

Sea cucumbers' benefits have been researched extensively world-wide. With over 1250 species in the world, only a small number of species have been shown to possess benefits. The majority of the research done that has proven the benefits has been on sea cucumbers harvested from our waters. 

So, while many other companies tout the benefits of sea cucumbers while selling their supplements, the species - and specifically the source - is most often different than the researched animals. They are simply riding the coat tails of the research, hoping that you, the consumer, won't know the difference.

Our Sea Cucumbers, Sea Urchins and Marine Grasses are responsibly harvested to bring you the most researched, valuable, and sought after species in the world.



With the research done on Sea Cucumbers - mainly in vitro (in petri dishes) - showing amazing benefits from the animal, it's shocking to hear that in-vivo results (in a live body) are often less than stellar. 

In scientific terms, the Sea Cucumber's active ingredients'  bio-availability is very low, although in laboratories the results are extremely promising. 

This is because Sea Cucumber molecules are larger than the body is naturally able to absorb. 

SeaCare's proprietary process combines the ingredients - Sea Cucumber, Sea Urchin and Marine Grass in such a way which changes the molecular structure of the compound. This new compound is now more easily absorbed by the body, allowing the ingredients to benefit to body more potently than other regularly non-absorbed sea cucumber supplements. 

Simply put, SeaCare is able to be absorbed by the body more easily than raw sea cucumbers. 



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