How to take SeaCare

SeaCare is a liquid/loose gel-like consistency which comes in 20mL packets. 

Thaw each packet before consumption. Most find it best to mix it into a small glass of juice (or water, tea, etc.), then consume the mixture to mask the taste. It also helps to take it with food to help settle in the stomach.

Your SeaCare order will arrive frozen. Keep the contents frozen until just prior to use. You can thaw each packet at room temperature for 10-15 minutes, or by allowing it to thaw slowly in the refrigerator.

How much SeaCare to take

Adults:Take two (2) packets daily - One (1) in the morning and one (1) at night.*

Children (ages 4 and above): Take one (1) packet daily - half (1/2) in the morning and half (1/2) at night. Or as directed by a physician.

Adults may take up to four (4) packets daily.

*try to separate the dosages by 12-14 hours, or as much as possible. 

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